Give your leaders an executive coach who’s been there.

The Global Talent Strategies coaching team spent 15 years in Fortune 500 executive roles.

The Global Talent Strategies coaching methodology

We’ve honed our approach by working with hundreds of executives to improve their performance. In every engagement, we find these roles work best:

Coach as guide

We help identify specific goals, support risk-taking, and suggest new behaviors, skills, and mindsets.

We accomplish this by gathering background information, asking questions, sharing feedback, and exploring possibilities.

We walk clients through the development process and explain how it works. We offer executive practice opportunities during sessions and identify real-world development assignments between meetings.

Simply put: We light the way, and the client follows the path.

Client as committed learner

Executives get the most out of coaching with an open mind and commitment to developing new insights, skills, attitudes, and behaviors.

They’ll learn new ways of thinking and behaving that result in achieving goals aligned to your organization’s performance requirements.

A willingness to roll up their sleeves during coaching prepares them for success in current and future roles.

Our executive coaching process

Kick-off and Discovery

Kick-off and Discovery

  • Meeting with the client to see if we’re the right fit. Chemistry is everything in a coaching relationship.
  • Conducting an initial session to understand the goals for coaching. We discover together where the client is today as a leader and what capabilities they want to develop.
  • Engaging the client in a guided reflection process to understand personal strengths, challenges, motivators, and values. We want to know what matters most to the client.
  • Gaining a broader perspective with personalized 360 feedback and personality assessments like the Hogan and Myers Briggs personality instruments.
Development Planning

Development Planning

  • Reviewing personal reflections, assessment results, and 360 feedback helps clients realize their current state and articulate where they want to be.
  • Partnering with the client’s manager to ensure mutual understanding of goals and support for coaching.
  • Creating a custom development plan that clearly describes the outcome of a successful coaching engagement.
Ongoing Accountability

Ongoing Accountability

  • Meeting regularly to discuss real-time challenges and opportunities. As the client focuses on learning, practicing, and developing new behaviors, we provide insight into roadblocks or challenging relationships.
  • Scheduling regular check-in meetings with the client’s manager and executive sponsor. We respect our clients’ privacy and never share specific details from our sessions.

What executive coaching clients can expect

Building a rapport between the coach and the client takes time, as does lasting change in executive performance. Our typical engagement runs for at least 6 months, but most often a year.

Once a development plan is agreed upon, our confidential, one-on-one sessions take place twice a month. We offer video or phone calls and will happily travel for face-to-face meetings in and outside the Minneapolis area.

Trent Birkholz

"I started working with Paul as an executive coach at a time when I was struggling with the direction of my career. Through the coaching process, Paul helped me understand my strengths and areas of passion, explore options, identify my direction forward and determine the best way to manage my transitions. He was a great coach, facilitator, guide, and advisor."

Trent Birkholz, Trent Birkholz Consulting

About Paul Erdahl, our founder and lead executive coach

Paul founded Global Talent Strategies in 2014 to help leaders and organizations grow. He personally coaches leaders in numerous roles and functions, including C-Suite executives, general managers, physicians, founders, and non-profit leaders.

Paul’s coaching experience spans global companies in the medical technology, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, higher education, NGO, and agriculture spaces.

Prior to becoming a business owner, Paul spent 15 years as a Human Resources executive at Medtronic and Hillrom. Before his corporate career, Paul served as a practicing counseling psychologist in the healthcare space.

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